Sign the Petition!

Yes, I endorse the following recommendations and demands:

  1. International community to ensure immediate military support and an immediate cease fire, peace, provision of humanitarian aid, and eventual expulsion of foreign fighters from Syrian soil.
  2. Representatives from all Syrian ethnic and religious groups (at least proportional to their numbers) work on terms of peace and a new interim Constitution, election law, etc. Syriac Christians, Kurds, etc. must have representatives that actually represent their people groups—not token representatives.
  3. Opportunity for Syrians to vote in free and fair elections in a Constitutional referendum first, then parliamentary, then Presidential elections.
  4. International effort to rebuild shattered villages, places of worship, and lives and bring refugees back to safe places.

Please also communicate with your national and local government officials to ask for military, humanitarian, and diplomatic support for these besieged Syrian minorities.