‘Christian Coalition for Syria’ has been initiated by a Christian

network in cooperation with the ‘Syriac National Council of Syria’

Number of signatures on 16-12-2017 : 22,504


Join the Christian Coalition for Syria and raise your voice for the voiceless! Syriacs and other Syrian minorities are suffering from vicious assaults by ISIS. They lack adequate military supplies for self-defense, food and water. The refugees who had to abandon their homes need assistance and shelter.

Together we can stand with the Syriacs and other minority groups to ensure their protection and participation in the political process. In order to represent the Syriac people in all platforms, the Syriac National Council of Syria (SNCS) was established on September 8, 2012. This political group has been working for a democratic, civil, pluralistic and multi-ethnic Syria, and has based its policy on comprehensive respect for The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.

The SNCS has formed a self-defense force - the Syriac Military Council - which works with other self-defense militias to safeguard the lives and property of Syriacs and their neighbors against overwhelming ISIS attacking forces. They include Kurds and other minority militias. As of now, they are in a fierce battle against ISIS forces with overwhelmingly superior weapons and numbers of figthers.

We invite you to support the SNCS and her coalition partners in their struggle for security, survival, and representation in peace negotiations to present the concerns of approximately 2.6 million Syriac Christians (12% of Syrian population) and other minorities (another 10%). By signing this petition, you are asking the leaders of your own country and world leaders;

  • to provide funding, military supplies and assistance, and humanitarian and refugee support to protect and provide for Syriacs and other communities trying to fend off the ISIS onslaught.
  • to allow participation of their representatives at the ongoing national and international negotiations about the future of Syria.
  • to incorporate their recommendations and demands as published on this website.
  • to help rebuild their communities and their lives when stability is regained in Syria.