The Syriac National Council of Syria (SNCS)
is working with Syriac NGO’s outside Syria, as follows:

Universal Syriac Union Party Lebanon
Bethnahrin Women Union Europe
Syriac Movement
European Syriac Union
Suryoyo (Syriac) American Association

The Syriac National Council of Syria (SNCS),
in coalition with the Syrian Kurdish Supreme Council
partners with the following entities within Syria:

Syriac Union Party of Syria
Syriac Cultural Association in Syria
Civil Society in Syria
Syriac Women Union of Syria
Syriac Youth Union of Syria
Syriac Red Cross
Arab National Body
Arab National Mass
National Coordination Body for Democratic Change
Democratic Union Party in Al-Hassaka and Aleppo
Democratic Society Movement in Al-Hassaka
Kurdistan Democratic Party in Aleppo and Al-Hassaka
Kurdistan Democratic Progressive Party in Al-Hassaka
Kurdish Left Party
Liberal Party of Kurdistan
Akhti Association for Culture
Kurds Student Union
Kurdish Students Confederation
Revolutionary Youth Movement
Kurdish Spring Committees
Women's Star Union
Syrian Women's Initiative ‘founders’
Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women
The National Civil Peace Body Civil
Syrian National Mass
Kurdish Upper Body
Kurdish clan gathering

The organizations in the Democratic self-management:

Movement of Pluralistic Society
Syriac Union Party of Syria
Union of Syriac academics
Syriac Progressive Youth Union
Syriac Women's Union
House of Yezidis
Civil Society Organization to build a state of citizens
Syrian Women's Initiative
Women's Star Union
The Movement of the Young Women
Liberal Union of Kurdistan
Democratic Union Party
Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria
Kurdistan Democratic Movement for Change
The Leftist Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria
Kurdistan Communist Party
Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria
Kurdistan National Democratic Assembly in Syria
Kurdistan Green Party
Kurdish Democratic Party of Peace in Syria
Communist Labour Party
Arab Socialist Movement
Independent figures of Arab, Kurdish and Syriac people